Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis (L) Osbeck) ; Rutaceae Crop Guide

 Sathugudi, Batavian, Mosambi, Malta blood red, Cutter Valencia.

Deep well drained loamy soils are the best for the cultivation of Citrus. pH of soil
should be 6.5 to 7.5 and EC of water less than 1.0. A dry climate with about 50 – 75 cm of
rainfall from June – September and with well defined summer and winter season is ideal.

July to September.

Budded plants (Rootstock: Rangpur lime is the best, now rough lemon is also

Dig pits at 75 cm x 75 cm x 75 cm in size at 7 x 7 m spacing. Fill up the pits with top
soil and 10 kg of FYM. Plant the budded plants in the centre of the pits and stake it. Plants
should be trained during first 3 years to have a well distributed frame work at 45 cm height
on a single trunk.

Immediately after planting, irrigate copiously and continued once in 10 days. Irrigations
should be regular during fruit development. Avoid water stagnation near the plant. Water
should never come in direct contact with the trunk of the tree; for this reason, double ring or
check bund method is best suited for this crop. Drip irrigation is advisable in saving of
irrigation water. Stopping irrigation 1 or 2 months prior to flowering is beneficial

N to be applied in two doses during March and October.FYM, P2O5 and K2O are to be
applied in October.
Ist year Annual increase From 6th year
FYM 10 kg 5 kg 30 kg
N 200 g 100 g 600 g
P 100 g 20 g 200 g
K 100 g 40 g 300 g
Manures are applied in the basin 70 cm away from the trunk and incorporated in the soil.
Spray solution containing Zinc Sulphate (0.5%), Manganese (0.05%), Iron (0.25%),
Magnesium (0.5%), Boron (0.1%) and Molybdenum (0.003%) once in 3 months at the time
of new flush production. In addition to that, apply 50 g in each of Zinc Sulphate, Manganese
and Iron per tree per year.

No regular pruning except removing dead, diseased and over crowding branches after
harvesting of the fruit. The basins should be mulched with dry leaf waste or paddy husk with
about 10 cm thickness so as to arrest weed growth and also to conserve soil moisture,
thereby improving the fruit quality

Legumes and vegetable crops can be raised during pre-bearing age.

To increase fruit set, spray 2, 4 – D @ 20 ppm (200 mg / 10 l) during
flowering. For fruit retention, spray 2, 4 – D @ 20 ppm or NAA 30 ppm (300 mg / l) after fruit
set (marble size).

Starts bearing from 5th year after planting. Sweet orange takes 9-12 months for
maturity. Being non-climacteric fruits should be harvested only after full maturity.

30 t / ha

Leaf miner

 Spray Dimethoate 30 EC 2 ml / lit
 5% of Neem Seed Kernel Extract (NSKE)
 Neem oil 3%

Apply Pseudomonas fluorescens @ 20g per tree at a depth of 15 cm and 50 cm away
from the trunk for the management of slow decline due to the citrus root nematode,
Tylenchulus semipenetrans. Soil application of 10G @ 2g followed by drenching with
metalaxyl plus mancozeb 72 WP @ 0.1% 50 ml/ cutting/ poly bag/ kg of nursery soil for
citrus decline.

Twig blight
 Prune dried twigs and spray copper oxychloride@ 0.3% or carbendazim @ 0.1% at
monthly intervals to reduce the spread of disease
Scab : Spray 1% Bordeaux mixture
 Immediately after pruning one spray with copper oxychloride @ 0.3% followed by 4
sprayings with streptocyclin @ 100 ppm + copper oxychloride @ 0.3% at monthly
CIB recommendation
 Spray streptocycline @ 50 to 100 ppm repeatedly at an interval of 15-20 days after
appearance of new growth. Cover young foliage and fruits fully
CIB recommendation for combined infection of leaf spot and canker
 Spray with copper oxychloride 50% WP @ 2.5 gm/l
Tristeza virus
 Use pre-immunized acid lime seedlings for planting
 Remove the infected trees and destroy
 Spray dimethoate 30 EC 1 ml/l or fish oil rosin soap @ 25 g/l or monocrotophos 36SL
@ 1 ml/l or neem oil @ 3 ml/l to control the aphids which spread the disease

Application of Carbofuran 3G @ 75 g/tree to control citrus nematodes in severe
Application of 20 g Pseudomonas fluorescens formulation per tree at a depth of 15 cm
and 50 cm away from the trunk once in four months. Soil application of carbofuran 10G
@ 2 g followed by drenching with metalaxyl plus mancozeb 72 WP @ 1% 50 ml/
cutting/ poly bag/ kg of nursery soil for citrus decline.