Detect in-field stress by smart scouting tools and get better profits from every hectare of your field. Inspect your fields and detect all the observations on the right stage and avoid a risk of crop failure and yield losses

Fungus, Pests, Diseases Recognition
Irrigation & Fertilization Issues
Weeds & insects Identification
Leaf damage
Low Yield Issue
Soil Test Sampling
Water Clogging Issue

Highlight Area to Scout

Farm Owners using a Laptop or Mobile App can now easily highlight area which needs attentions, Just go to Scouting Click, Look at areas in red and place a marker with comments

  • Focus on Right areas
  • Automatically Notify ground Team
  • Plan Route for Scouting
  • Avoid Random Sampling


Pinpoint areas which get scouted first and assign scouts easily.
Simply place the pin on the problem area, assign a scout, and the notification about a new task will be delivered instantly

Collect Data

Now you Don’t have to send you scout on trip to check the problem and identify solutions.Collect reports containing spanshots directly from the fields. Collect all the data you need: growth stages, plant density, soil moisture, and more

  • Collect Photograph
  • Collect Videos
  • Collection Location Data

And More

Data Formats

Import and Export Data in your own choice of format

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We now support Automated Disease Detection and Remedy/Solutions