Peas(Pisum Sativum L.); Fabaceae

Ooty 1, Bonneville, Arkel, Azad.
Well drained loamy soil with optimum pH range of 6-7.5. For flowering and pod set, a temperature of 12-15°C is ideal.
Sow the seeds during February – March and October – November in plains. Treat the seeds with Trichoderma@ 4 g/kg or Thiram or Captan@ 2 g/kg of seeds a to avoid seed borne diseases. Treat the seeds with Rhizobium culture @ of 2 kg and apply 2 kg Phosphobacteriaas soil application just before sowing.

Dig the land thoroughly to fine tilth.

45 x 10 cm.

100 kg/ha.

Once in a week.

Apply FYM @ 20 t/ha and 60 kg N, 80 kg P and 70 kg K/ha as basal and 60 kg N/ha 30 days after sowing.
Weeding should be done 15 days after sowing. Subsequent weedings as and when necessary. Stake the plants on 30th day of sowing.

  Pod borer: Spray Azadirachtin 0.03% (300ppm) thrice at fortnightly intervals.
 Aphids: Spray Methyl demeton 25 EC or Dimethoate 30 EC @ 1 ml/l of water or
Cyantraniliprole 10.26 OD @ 0.6 ml/l of water

Powdery mildew
 Spray wettable sulphur @ 2 g/l or dinocap @ 1 ml/l or dust sulphur @ 25 kg/ha thrice at 15 days interval

Harvest can be done on 75 days after sowing. High temperature during harvest affects the quality of peas.

Yield: 8 -12 t/ha

Crop growing districts                                                     Nilgiris, Dindigul
Major markets in Tamil Nadu                                        Mettupalayam, Periyar Vegetable Market, Koyambedu, Chennai Gandhi Market,                                                                                                               Oddanchathiram, Natchipalayam vegetable market, Coimbatore
Grade Specification                                                          The edible-pods should be uniformly bright green (light to deep green but not                                                                                                                   yellowgreen), fully turgid,clean, and free from damage.