Pear(Pyrus communis); Rosaceae

Ooty 1, Common pear, Kieffer, New Pear, William and Jargonelle.

Red laterite soil with good drainage and high organic matter content. Can be grown at
an elevation of above 1200 m. pH 5.8 to 6.2.

Plant one year old grafts / rooted cuttings.

June – December.

5 x 5 m or 6 x 6 m in pits of 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm in size.

Water the plants till establishment

Apply FYM 25 kg, N 500 g and 1 kg in each of P and K per bearing tree / year

Remove stock sprouts regularly. Train the plants to open centre system and prune every
year in November – December. Top working on country pear with choice varieties can be done
during December – January with cleft grafting.

Fruit fly  Set up methyl eugenol 1 % trap with malathion 50 EC 1
                 Neem oil 30ml/lit.

Early varieties will come to harvest in May – June and late varieties in July – October.

100 to 120 kg per tree per year in common pear, 70 to 80 kg per tree per year in
Kieffer and New Pear, 30 to 40 kg per tree per year in William and Jargonelle and 90 kg per
tree per year in Ooty 1.