Medicinal solanum (Solanum viarum Clarke.) ; Solanaceae

RRL-20-2, RRL-GL-6, BARC Strain, Glaxo strain, Arka Sanjeevini and Arka Mahima.

Red lateritic soil is suitable and grows well under moderate climatic conditions.

450 g/ha. Seeds are sown in raised bed in nursery and 4-5 weeks old seedlings, with 10-12 cm height with 6 leaf stage are ready for transplanting in the main field during June- July .

50 x 50 cm; 75 x 75 cm

June / July

FYM 25 t/ha. N, P and K @ 25: 40 and 80 kg/ha respectively.
Top dressing
50 kg N at flowering stage.

First weeding at 2 – 3 weeks of transplanting and second weeding at 2 – 3 months.

After transplanting, the crop takes six months for harvest. The berries are harvested when it turns yellow colour while streaks of dark green colour are still present. The berries are sun dried to the moisture level of 6-8 per cent.
Fresh berries: 10,000 kg/ha (10 t/ha) Dry berries: 2- 2.5t/ha Solasodine content: 2- 2.5%