Coriander(Coriandrum sativum L.);Apiaceae

CO 1, CO 2, CO 3, CO (CR) 4, GAU 1, UD 1, UD 2, UD 20 and UD 21
Well drained black cotton soil and red loamy soil

Cool and comparatively dry, frost free climate

June – July and October – November

Irrigated crop: 10 – 12 kg/ha
Rainfed crop: 20 – 25 kg/ha

Soak the seeds in water for 12 hours. Treat the seeds with Azospirillum @ 1.5 kg /ha for better crop establishment + Trichoderma viride @ 50 kg/ha to control wilt disease. Pre-sowing seed hardening treatment with Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate @ 10 g/lit of water for 16 hours is to be done for rainfed crop.
Prepare the main field to a fine tilth.Add FYM 10 t/ha before last ploughing. Form beds and channels (for irrigated crop). Sow the split seeds at a spacing of 20 x 15 cm. Spray preemergence herbicide Fluchloralin 700 ml in 500 lit of water per ha. The seeds will germinate in about 8-15 days.

Apply 10: 40: 20 kg of NPK/ ha basally for rainfed and irrigated crops. Apply 25 kg ZnSo4, 100 kg FeSo4 + FYM basally if the soil is deficient in the respective nutrients
Top dressing
Top dressing may be done at 10 kg N/ha 30 days after sowing for the irrigated crop only.

First irrigation immediately after sowing and the second on the third day. Subsequent irrigations at 7-10 days interval.

Thinning is done 30 days after sowing by keeping 2 plants per hill. Weeding is done as and when necessary. Spray CCC @ 250 ppm one month after sowing for inducing drought tolerance in rainfed crops.

Coriander for leaf purpose can be cultivated during summer months (March- April) under 50 % shadenet houses. Cultivation of leafy coriander fetches higher price with a leaf yield of 5.84 t/ha as against open cultivation (2.49 t/ha) in summer months

March – April

50 per cent agro shade ne
FYM (10 Kg) + 20:180:50 g of NPK per tree in the first year. For grown up trees of 15 years or more, FYM (50 kg) + 300:250:750 g of NPK / tree are applied in two split doses. Apply manures in shallow trenches dug around the plant 1-1.5 m away from the tree.

CO (CR) 4

Physiologically matured leaf on 45 days after sowing

Spray methyl demeton 25 EC @ 2 ml/lit or dimethoate 30 EC @ 2 ml/lit

Powdery mildew
 Seed treatment with Pseudomonas fluorescens @ 10 g /kg and foliar spray of P. fluorescens @ 2 g/l or wettable sulphur @ 1 kg/ha or dinocap @ 250 ml/ha at the time of initial appearance of the disease and 2nd spray at 10 days interval
 Spray neem seed kernel extract @ 5% thrice (1st spray immediately after the appearance of disease, 2nd and 3rd at 10 days interval)
 Seed treatment with P. fluorescens @ 10 g/kg followed by soil application of P. fluorescens @ 2.5 kg/ha
Grain mould
 Spray carbendazim @ 0.1 % at 20 days after grain set

Grain yield                                      kg/ha
Rainfed                                          300-400
Irrigated                                        500-600
Leaf yield                                      6000-7000

Concentrated pockets of growing districts          Thoothukudi,Virudhunagar,Ramanathapuram and Coimbatore
Major markets in Tamil Nadu                                   Virudhunagar
Preferred varieties                                                       CO3, CO (CR)4
Grade specification                                                      Pungent, golden colour, Well dried and matured , without shrivels