Ber(Ziziphus mauritiana Lam); Rhamnaceae

Goma Kirti, Thar Sevika, Thar Bhubhraj, Kaithali, Umran, Gola and Banarasi.

The ber plant comes under arid and semi-arid situation. Tolerates salinity and alkalinity.

‘T’ budding and patch budding

Plant during July – August with a spacing of 7 x 7 m in pits of 1m x 1m x 1m.

Irrigate the plants initially for establishment. Provide 5 % slope towards the base of the
tree for in situ water harvesting.

Manures and Fertilizers 1
year (kg) 2
year onwards (kg)
FYM 20.00 50.00
N 0.20 0.50
P 0.10 0.20
K 0.20 0.50


Manuring should be given immediately after pruning. Spray 2% KNO3 thrice at monthly
intervals in January, February and March.

Remove the rootstock sprouts and have a straight stem upto 75 cm from the ground
level. During February – March almost unproductive upper part of the past seasons main shoot
and its secondary branches as well as undesirable, weak, crisscrossing, diseased and broken
branches are removed so that the most healthy and vigorous growth is induced at the most
productive nodes

Fruit fly  Collect and destroy fallen and infested fruits by dumping in
a pit and covering with a thick layer of soil.
 Plough interspaces to expose pupae.
 Use methyl eugenol lure trap @ 25/ha to monitor and kill
adults of fruit flies.
 Destroy infested fruits.
 Neem oil 30 ml/l.
Scale insects  Prune all the affected materials and burn.
 Spray quinalphos 25 EC 2.5 ml /l.
Leaf hopper  Spray chlorpyriphos 20 EC 1.5ml/l.

Black leaf spot (Isariopsis indica)
 Spray carbendazim @ 1 g/l or chlorothalonil @ 2 g/l or propiconazole or
difenoconazole @ 1 g/l twice at 15 days interval from the initial appearance of the
CIB recommendation for Powdery mildew
 Spray carbendazim 50% WP @ 10 g/10 l per tree

70 – 80 kg of fruits / tree / year

Seeds of ber attain physiological maturity 13 weeks after anthesis. It is indicated
by yellowish red colour of fruit pericarp. Stones can be size graded using 22 / 64″ round
perforated metal sieve. Ber stones can be stored upto 30 months without any treatment
under ambient conditions.